About fine aggregate concrete pump characteristics and uses Today to explain the fine aggregate concrete pump use and feature: First; s selection of leading valve commutation, can be satisfied with fine aggregate concrete delivery; Glasses, plates and cutting ring made of high hardness and wear-resistant alloy materials, longer life expectancy; Exports of high pressure, high-rise buildings can be satisfied and demand for long-distance transport of construction; Selection of hydraulic oil cooling water cooling system, the cooling effect is good, using simple; Fine aggregate concrete pump hydraulic system: Double-pump hydraulic system is double circuit separates oil, the main variable piston pump selection, to ensure smooth operation system, strong, and active and conditioning manual displacement, with pressure cut off and overpressure overflow feature, so that the main pump and the prime mover to get helpful maintenance, suck (back) oil suction filter selection (back) filter, cm140g gas mini portable concrete mixer for sale hydraulic oil filter to obtain reliable, clean, to ensure the normal operation of the system, to extend the use of life expectancy of hydraulic system components. Forced air cooling system fine aggregate concrete pump: Concrete pump mixing the oil forced air cooling system selection, large radiator equipment, better habits site environment, to ensure the hydraulic system oil temperature in the normal operating range, then the hydraulic system in the host to ensure normal operation condition. Fine stone concrete mixing and dispensing valve system pump: Fine aggregate concrete pump hopper hopper depicted optimization, to ensure an outstanding suction resistance, with different standards for different materials, grizzly, and equipped with a vibrator         Fine aggregate concrete pump mixing system hydraulic motors use a large torque hydraulic motor, and the system not overpressure active rotation function, useful for maintenance of the hydraulic motor, and can take the initiative to eliminate the card appearance blender high wear large mixing blades, concrete segregation should not be deposited, in favor of suction. S pipe swing valve has a flow of clear, low resistance characteristics, high abrasion and wear face the choice of surfacing materials, the choice of transmission parts plating branded wear, in order to avoid similar products high-level transport hopper off-axis distortion and S valve representation, device selection support and sealing barrier layout, and enhance the use of life expectancy of fine stone concrete pump. Coagulation pump design manufacture application Chassis layout is an important part of the coagulation pump, its exterior appearance, weight, directly affect the overall appearance and functionality. The new material presented electrohydraulic skill and craftsmanship of construction cement mixer truck for sale rapid expansion, the concrete pump provides a great catalyst for expansion, consistent with the appearance of the series concrete pump individuality leg parameterized layout depicting supply capable. In order to reduce our product from the same foreign advanced level, first and foremost, we should strengthen the theoretical aspects of accounting, production process, layout leg impact on the vehicle stability optimization research, the process of applying to the product in question presents summarize, and rose to the level of theory; secondly, and constantly improve the skill level of tooling, process, progress of employees, roughening of the production of refined production, things and improve the quality of the product; ultimately, stress the usefulness of the process is depicted in the new product and economy, and endowed with creative and new meaning, when the product is launched to a certain extent, be more creative and innovative advances in the customers desire to purchase better performance of my product differentiation and core competitiveness. Accounting theory and accounting method depicted by the use of concrete pump truck, chassis legs and reverse the layout depicted base effect is also very large. The company has its own well-known research institutions, accounting theory to concrete pump truck chassis, the manufacturing process and others have to deepen the discussion, has been widely using FEM (finite element method) and other new accounting method, greatly reducing the machine components. Many of our companies are using accounting methods FEM and so on, but usually only checking. The use of accounting theory remains essentially accounting method according to the seventies and eighties crane frame, depicting many parts of the layout are based on experience or simple accounting. In addition, we study the stress welding, bending and other processes that occur rarely deformation discussion, many seminars only in theory, rarely used in the product depicted, the cause of many of our products in the skill level, There are great differences in the quality of the odds and ends. Chassis layout withstand a sensation because the vehicle overturning bending moment and pumping system, which damaged part of the multi-damaged part of the layout is mainly exhausted. Because concrete pump working condition of the harsh nature and complexity, depth study tired chassis layout feature is the hinge point especially high-stress areas of the region, expand the discussions to optimize the layout of the chassis, it will be the most important job of depicting ; effectively reduce welding stress, how to prevent the fuel tank, water tank weld delayed crack occurrence region will be an important issue facing the production operations. Methods of routine maintenance on a total of seven concrete pumps  Concrete pump as usual home for the following: 1. check hydraulic oil, oil, oil should be pale yellow transparent, no signs of emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced immediately. 2. Fill smooth butter, add 2/3 water and 1/3 tank of hydraulic oil or oil. 3. check cutting ring, glasses, plates gap should be normal (maximum gap 2mm). 4. check things smooth system status, you should see china made diesel concrete mixer jzr500 progressive dispatcher indicator rod back and forth action, S pipe arm end bearing status, the status of the agitator shaft bearings and other smooth point with a smooth oil spill. 5. The check valve commutation dispatched stirred whether the normal installation Reversible action. 6. The hydraulic system check whether there is leakage, oil leakage signs. 7. check all threaded connection, to ensure strong connection.

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